The Britain that anybody
can visit
without a passport.

In 1994, the Sano Educational Foundation established British Hills,
a place where people could experience British culture without ever leaving Japan.
British Hills – The Britain that anyone can visit without a passport.


British Hills began as a language-learning facility, and learning English means also learning about British culture. The Victorian era of England was prosperous and had a long-lasting influence on the world as a whole. At British Hills you can experience the roots of British culture through our village, centred around the Manor House, a recreation of the home of a local lord and a key part of this era.

photo:entrance gate

photo:manor house

Hotel & Training

British Hills is not only a hotel, but also operates as a language training facility.

British Hills is not only a hotel, but also operates as a language training facility.
Let yourself be immersed in Britain's rich history and culture.

What is British Hills?

  • The Hatoriko Highlands have a similar climate and features to the Scottish Highlands.

    British Hills is situated in the mountains approximately 1000 metres above sea level. The extraordinary grounds feel far from everyday life. Spread over 24 hectares (close to 60 acres), summers are cooler, winters are white, and in spring and autumn the mists create a truly British atmosphere.

    photo:Hatori Lake Plateau

  • From the buildings to the interior, everything is uncompromisingly genuine.

    "Mock training is meaningless" With this as the foundational principle, all of the building materials were imported from the UK and the building style and interiors were decided based on strong background research. Many staff from British Commonwealth countries work here, so there are many opportunities to communicate naturally in English.

    photo:main dining

  • An extraordinary place just 2.5 hours from Tokyo.
    So much to enjoy.

    There are many ways to enjoy British Hills. Through our facilities or English lessons, you can experience life as a Victorian lord or lady and spend your time as you please. Check-in to another world.

    photo:entrance gate


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